VP Travel Essentials

Though we are officially in “the most wonderful time of the year,” there is one aspect of the season we don’t find all that wonderful.  Holiday travel… we’re looking at you.  As boring and inconvenient as it may be, those busy airports are inevitable – so why not make the most of it by being prepared?


1.  The carry-all tote tops the list of travel essentials.  Between the magazines, laptop, and other things you might be carting around, you might as well have a bag that looks great doing it.

2.  A cashmere scarf is not only a chic accessory, but it also doubles up as blanket on the flight – because who really wants to use those tissue-thin airplane throws?

3.  These noise-cancelling headphones seemed unnecessary to me until I actually tried them, but trust me, they will change your life.  Crying babies? Loud seat mates?  Not a problem anymore since you won’t be hearing any of it.

4.  The contents of a large tote can often turn to chaos so it is key to have a few clutches to organize it all.  These are a favorite of ours as they keep all of our essentials in one place and ridiculously easy to find.

5.  This universal charger is a life-saver when your phone suddenly dies and you can’t find an outlet (or you’ve realized your charger is in that suitcase you checked.)  Just charge it up before you go and it’ll restore your phone’s charge to 50%.

6.  We end our list with a lightweight carry-on that’ll make moving through the airport look effortless.  Now you’ll just have to figure out how to fit everything in it…

Happy Travels.


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